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If you’re going to chum tell someone

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A chumming flag is a flag that informs others that a boat is actively chumming/baiting the water with either live bait cut bait or ground bait to attract/lure and hold fish near the fishing boat.

A Chumming flag is recommended when targeting sharks to indicate that caution should be used when entering the water. Be advised chumming may not be allowed in all waters. For more information check your local government regulations. This flag was established march 1997. The color yellow and blue was chosen as it is the same color as the nautical flag steer clear. The pictographic diagonal pattern upper left to lower right is easy to understand and see at a distance. The design was chosen for its versatility so the image can be customized.

A suggested courtesy zone is recommended to not interfere with this activity.

Inshore – Feet
Offshore – Yards
Shark Fishing  – Yards x 10

Quality time on the water is the goal of the chumming flag, a portion of sales will go to support research, projects or education of the marine environment.

Boats drift differently you may want to use a float/flag/lanyard to indicate direction of the chum slick from your boat.

Diver Down Flag

For your safety

Chumming Flag

For the safety of others
Promoting Sportsmanship

Tournament Director’s

For the Tournament Angler, is with today’s Electronics  ability to easily identify competitors unknowingly taking advantage of another’s boat chum slick by trolling through or setting up in the courtesy zone set by tournament rules this could and should be discouraged by the use of a Chumming Flag.

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